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Auto Secure is a fleet management company that aims to improve the efficiency of running and maintaining individual cars as well as fleet of vehicles through the provision of cost saving innovations and solutions.


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OKO Tyre Sealants eliminate most puncture problems – instantly. OKO sealants are viscous fluids, designed to combat the costly inconvenience of suffering punctures.

OKO tyre sealant Dosage Calculator

For information on dosage per specific tyre- Visit our Oko calculator portal.

How Tyre Sealants Work

When Installed, Tyre sealants forms a protective layer inside the tyre. Whenever a puncture occurs, the internal pressure of the tyre instantly pushes the sealant into the cavity. The special fibres and mica particles accumulate and bound to the cavity.

OKO Truck & Bus Heavy On Road

Oko get-u-home refill bottle(400ml)

Oko Off Road grade(5Lgallon)

Metallic Tyre sealant pump(For 25L pails)

Oko get-u-home refill bottle(400ml)

OKO Truck & Bus Heavy On Road

OKO On-Road Motorcycle

Product Benefits

Cost Friendly

Eliminates call out charges & puncture repair costs

Minimizes Risk

Reduces puncture risks & minimizes vehicle downtime

Instant Fix

Seals holes from tread punctures instantly as you drive

Multiple Sealing

Provides multi-sealing capability for the life of the tyre

Extending Tyre Life Span

Conditions and cools, extending tyre life by an average of 20%

Security and Peace of Mind

Provides security, safety, and peace of mind

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